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S.M. Model High School


Established in 2005

Dear Students,
Admission in S.M. Model High School is very much easy now. According to the degitalisation of the website a student can easily take admission in this school by following the below steps.....

What you will bring with:

(1) 2 Copies of Passport Size Photos

(2) 1 Photocopy of your original Birth Certificate

(3) 1 Photocopy of your Class-5 or JSC Certificate/Transcript and original copy must be brought with

(4) 1 Photocopy of the Testimonial from the previous school

What you have to do then:

(1) Contact with the Office Assistant and collect the Admission Form

(2) Properly fill it with patience and must in English

(3) Attach a Passport Size Photo in it

(4) Now three sign will be needed one is yours, one is Office Assistant and the final is the Headmaster

(5) Now submit the admission form in to the Headmaster with proper fees

(6) Finally the Headmaster provide you a valid Registration Number and your Admission will be completed