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SM Logo

S.M. Logo Corner

Symbol of Identity, Logo Details

The logo contains a sunflower in a a sun, a book, a ink with ink pot, Two Stars and two pens in two hands. The sunflower points the front position of the school and the sun refers to the light of education. The book and the pens in the hands refers to the vital elements of education. The Stars refer to the Golden Hope for the future.And


The S.M. Model High School is one of the best developing High School in the district of Gopalgonj. Standard infrastructure, sufficient skilled teachers, efficient management ensure a glorious result each year. Rather, all our teachers and the members of the Governing Body are very much sincere and helpful for the improvement of this School. And we are improving day by day. Our students are very much careful to their study and determined to achieve their goal. Moreover “Study in Nature” is the norm and ethics of the founder of this school and we are able to provide this opportunity. For the betterment of our students we have provided enough space in the classrooms as well as for the best attention of our students we admit a few students every year. Our slogan is that Education is not a business where the the provider demands something alter anything. Education is a system of Gift Giving where there is no demand. And the teachers are the Giver not the seller. According to the digitalization of the system of Education Board we have established this website for all the students and the followers. S.M. Model High School is the first educational institution in our District where the digital projector based classes have been provided. As a result, students can receive knowledge through the eyes and ear. We hope that we will be able to provide all the latest facilities of technology and education for long. Thanks to all…     -The Headmaster

The S.M. Model High School was started in 2005 and the academic activities was started at the same year. There is a long historical and religious causes behind the establishment of this school which can be found in the about colum. From the years the school is doing better in academic progress. Due to insufficient donation or finincial resources the school can not attain the standard position yet but the structure of infrastructure of it is still enough for the better education for students.
There are three teen shead apartments in this school. Among them one is used for official purposes and the rest two are used for classrooms. There are two tube-wells and two standard bathrooms which are used separately for boys and girls. A small playground in front of the school is a source of pleasure for the students where they can play togather in leisure time. Enough fress air and light are always available in classrooms and officerooms. Moreover there is the best possible source of enjoying the nature in this school. Stydying in this school means study in nature. Rather all the other facilities is also available.
Welcome to the first web based digital high school in Gopalgonj!